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If you suddenly realize that important files are missing from your computer, or if you have accidentally deleted some of your files, do not despair yet. The first thing you should do is to STOP using the computer. If you continue using your computer, you risk to accidentally overwrite the deleted files with information that is generated by using your computer. Deleted files are not really deleted immediately. When a file is deleted, the only thing that this action triggers is the removal of the information of where these files are physically located on your Hard Disk Drive. In other words, your deleted files are still on the Hard Disk Drive but your computer has now lost the important piece of information which allows it to retrieve them. This means that if we can restore the information that points to your “deleted” files, you will then be able to access them again. As long as your computer is unaware of the location of your deleted files, this specific section can and will be reused to store new information. If you continue to use your computer, you risk overwriting those files, which might render them effectively unrecoverable.

We would be happy to pay you a visit to assess the damage and determine the best Data Recovery strategy for your specific case. Our expert technicians provide comprehensive data recovery services for all types of media, including hard drives, flash drives, and more. We use advanced techniques and tools to recover your lost files and we'll work with you to prevent future data loss. With fast and affordable data recovery solutions, you can trust MicroDataLogic to get your lost data back. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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